Freedom Riders of 1961. http://www.breachofpeace.com

50 years have passed since the Montgomery bus boycott and the Freedom Riders helped to ignite the civil rights movement and dismantle Jim Crow segregation. Much has changed, but other forms of segregation have persisted, and we face new barriers to freedom. In the metropolitan Detroit region, the lack of effective public transit divides our communities and excludes hundreds of thousands of people from opportunity. The right to economic and political participation is contingent on the right to reliable transportation.

The Motor City Freedom Riders is an organization of metro Detroit bus riders and our allies, working together across city and county lines to unite bus riders in a movement for better public transit service, and so bring about transportation freedom. We believe that bus riders ourselves – 150,000 strong in the metro region – must be key to real improvement in public transit service.

In the conviction that transportation is freedom, we covenant to work together to achieve the following goals:

  • Quality DDOT bus service in the city of Detroit
  • Restored and expanded SMART bus service in the Detroit suburbs
  • Convenient regional transit connections throughout the metropolitan Detroit area
  • Prioritization of public transit expansion over highway widening in the region and state.

We invite you to join us.


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