Take the Pledge to Vote on Regional Transit!

It’s just two months till the historic vote on regional transit – yet too many people across the metro region still don’t know what it’s about.

At our meeting last night, we unveiled a new tool to change that: a voter pledge form to spread the word, secure voter commitments, and recruit new volunteers.

Can you help us get the word out by collecting pledges from voters? If you didn’t make it out last night, you can download the pledge form at this link. Take a stack on the bus, or to work or school, along with a clipboard and a pen. Ask people if they can commit to vote. After they fill out the form, tear off the bottom (folding first helps!) and give it to them to keep. After collecting pledges, scan or take photos of the forms and e-mail them to us at motorcityfreedomriders@gmail.com so we can follow up with the signers.

Someone also asked us if we had an online version of the pledge form. Well, now we do! You can access it at this link, or find it embedded below. Thanks for all you do!



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