Our Op-Ed in the Free Press

This past Saturday’s Detroit Free Press featured an opinion article from Freedom Riders Regina DuBose and Pat Hammer, calling on SMART to restore the city-suburb services eliminated in 2011.

“Imagine that metro Detroit’s freeways were open only six hours a day and closed on weekends,” they ask. (Hard to imagine, we know.) “In effect, this is what SMART bus riders have faced for three years.”

One point in the original piece that didn’t make it into the article: the particular importance of restoring service along the routes designated as priorities by the Regional Transit Authority: Woodward, Gratiot, and Michigan Avenue.

If you’d like to weigh in with the SMART Board of Directors, their next meeting will be Thursday, January 22, 2 pm at SMART offices in the Buhl Building, 535 Griswold, downtown Detroit.

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